Series 130

Our Series 130, new construction and replacement windows, offer an exceptional value with the same high-quality features you’d expect. Designed for easy installation, our Series 130 comes in four frame types: front flange only; nail fin only with no j-channel; J-Channel with nail fin and front flange; or box frame with no nail fin and no front flange. Each window is crafted to be durable and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Choice of Single Hung, Slider or Picture Window Styles
  • Step bevel design
  • Bottom sash tilts in foreasy cleaning on single hung style
  • Four different frame typesavailable
  • Dual sweep locks help provide a weather-tight seal
  • Single Hung DP 50 rating (window size tested 53” x 77”)
  • 2-Lite Slider DP 50 Rating (window size tested 74” x 50”)
  • Picture Window DP 50 Rating (window size tested 96” x 60”)
  • Limited lifetime warranty with 15 year insulated glass coverage
Where To Buy
Series 130 Single Hung Window Product Photo
Series 130 Tilt Single Hung
White 2 Lite Series 130 Sliding Window
Series 130 Horizontal Slider
Series 130 Picture Window Product Photo
Series 130 Picture Window
Architectural Shape Windows

Energy Efficient Glass Options

Energy Star Program LogoAtrium windows and doors are engineered with state-of-the-art glass technology to give you outstanding thermal efficiency. With a full range of glass options and special insulated spacers, we have a glass package to fit any climate need or budget. Verify product specifics before ordering.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is coated with a microscopic layer of silver that reflects radiant solar energy while permitting visible light to pass through the glass, providing more comfort and lower energy costs.

Low-E Glass and Argon Gas

Argon gas works like an insulating blanket between two panes of glass to further improve thermal eciency and decrease outside sound levels.

Ultra Low-E Glass and Argon Gas

Choose our ultimate glass package for optimal energy efficiency and maximum cost savings. Ultra Low-E glass offers three invisible layers of silver coating in addition to the superior thermal performance of argon gas.

Additional Glass Options

Double Strength Glass

Obscure Glass

Vinyl Color Options




Exterior Paint / Laminate Options

Black (Paint)

Brick Red (Paint)

Bronze (Paint)

Clay (Paint)

Dark Chocolate (Paint)

Gray (Paint)

Hunter Green (Paint)

Tan (Paint)

Terratone (Paint)

Bronze (Laminate)

Black (Laminate)

Device/Monitor screen settings may affect color shown. Please refer to actual window sample when selecting colors. Only use mild, water based household cleaner on painted product and rinse immediately with water. See full cleaning instructions for details. Grid offering limited to 5/8” contoured or SDL on exterior painted windows.

Available Grid Patterns

Colonial (SH)

Colonial Top Sash Only (SH)

Vertical (SH)

Vertical Top Sash Only (SH)

Diamond (SH)

Diamond Top Sash Only (SH)

Prairie (SH)

Prairie Top Sash Only (SH)

Perimeter Prairie (SH)

Valance (SH)

Colonial (PW)

Vertical (PW)

Diamond (PW)

Prairie (PW)

Valance (PW)

Colonial (SL)

Vertical (SL)

Diamond (SL)

Prairie (SL)

Valance (SL)

Available Grid Types

1-Inch Contoured Grid

3/4-Inch Flat Grid

5/8-Inch Contoured Grid

5/8-Inch Flat Grid

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) Grid

Available Series 130 Models

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Enjoy our collection of animated educational videos covering a variety of topics including condensation, window styles, window options, warranties, window/building codes and more.

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