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Request Professional Service, Replacement Parts or Warranty Assistance

Please complete the form below to request professional service or replacement parts for your Atrium windows and patio doors. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your needs and the issues you are experiencing. If possible, we ask that you include the date the products were purchased, where they were purchased and the “Warranty ID #” for each affected window. See the instructions at right explaining how to locate the warranty identification sticker on your Atrium windows and patio doors. The information you provide will be sent to an Atrium associate who will respond to your request in a timely fashion.

Due to COVID-19 related challenges and a high volume of requests we are currently experiencing extended response times. We apologize for any delay and appreciate your patience.

To help prevent any additional delays, please include a photo of your window or door label with the order number and a detailed explanation of your issue. We apologize for any delay and appreciate your patience!

Warranty Identification Sticker

For accurate identification of product specifications, we have included an identification sticker discreetly attached to each product in the frame “Header”. Download our guide for instructions on locating the sticker.

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