Atrium Mulled Assembly Product Ratings

mulled assembly product installedAccording to Option #3 in AAMA-450 (‘Voluntary Performance Rating Method for Mulled Fenestration Assemblies’), the design pressure rating assigned to a mulled fenestration assembly is the lower of the design pressure rating of the mullions, or the lowest design pressure rating of any individual fenestration product within that assembly. Note that individual fenestration product design pressure ratings can be found at:

Below are listed Atrium product Series numbers currently rated according to AAMA-450 Option #3. Determination of the specific Atrium Series can be made by reading the Gold certification labels affixed to any individual fenestration product within any assembly. Clicking on any of the below Atrium Series numbers will open the mullion rating certification document for that Series.

Following the instructions within each certification document, the design pressure rating of any mulled fenestration assembly can be determined. Generally, this requires knowing certain dimensions of the mulled fenestration assembly and the ratings of the individual products within that assembly. Conversely, one can specify a mulled fenestration assembly to achieve a certain design pressure rating by selecting mullion lengths and appropriate individual fenestration products and their individual sizes.

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