Atrium for HomeownersWelcome to Atrium! In today’s business environment of window manufacturers, we understand the complexity and potential confusion associated with selecting the right window or patio door for your home. Whether you are trying to find the best window schedule for your new home, or the best value in a replacement window, navigating the multitude of brands, products and styles can be overwhelming. At Atrium, we pride ourselves on producing the full array of styles and options so you may rest assured that your needs are covered with one brand’s offering. This web site is designed to make it easy to see the breadth of our offering – with complementary information and marketing tools to allow you to make the right choice in your purchase decision.

Atrium Warranty Information

All warranty information is located with each individual window and door in the Products section of our site. Scroll to the bottom of any chosen product page and click on the “Warranty” tab.

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Care, Safety & Maintenance

Atrium windows and doors are designed for easy care and maintenance. Just a tiny bit of elbow grease from time to time will extend the life and beauty of your windows and doors.

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Windows 101 Video Series

Atrium has developed a series of videos designed to provide general overviews on a number of topics for those who are in the market for new windows. Click the button below to learn more.

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