Child Fall Safety: Knowledge to help keep your kids safe.
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National Window Safety Week

Each year, the last week of April is designated as National Window Safety Week. Window Safety Week is timed to coincide with spring - the time of year when homeowners are again opening their windows.

During open window season, remember that open windows can pose a fall hazard to unsupervised, young children. Remember to keep windows closed and locked when young children are present. Never place furniture such as chairs, beds and sofas below windows. Unattended children can use pieces of furniture like these to quickly climb to an open window and potentially fall. Also remember that insect screens are intended to keep insects out; they are neither designated nor intended to keep children from falling out of windows.

Finally, remember that windows can also provide a life saving avenue of escape from a fire. Windows should be included in your home emergency escape plan, and children should be taught how to properly use a window for escape and rescue purposes. It is critical that you practice the emergency escape plan, too.

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